The final Tri-ang Railways catalogue front cover from a painting by Terence Cuneo.


The first Triang Hornby catalogue saw the introduction of two totally new locomotives, with both Hymek and Hall making their debut in 1966.
The West Country class locomotive 'Dorchester' and the station buildings were the first items from the former Hornby Dublo range to appear in the new combined catalogue.
Most of the Tri-ang range of train sets, locomotives, rolling stock, track and buildings continued in production.  The American outline, 'Davy Crockett' locomotive and its associated  'The Frontiersman' train set being notable exceptions.


The only new locomotive this year, and featured in the front cover painting, was the  southern M7 tank locomotive with fire box glow and opening smoke box door.  This catalogue also saw the introduction of the freightliner container wagons.
The Battle Space range of rail based combat units featured heavily, covering four pages and included the unique Turbo Car which was powered along the track by the propeller at the rear.
Electric locomotives E3001 and EM2 appear in a two page spread together with the overhead catenary system required for their authentic operation. 

Price inflation must have been a big problem in 1968 as my catalogue contains three price listes dated January, April and September!!!!1968

The emphasis this year was on the amalgamation of Triang Hornby and Minic Motorways and the cover of this years catalogue included the new extended logo.
On the railway side, the big news was the announcement of the totally new A3 class locomotive 'Flying Scotsman'.  To keep up with the times, a few diesels now appear in the new corporate blue livery. Mk2 coaches with working interior lights were also new for this year.
The Super 4 track system reached its zenith with the introduction of the 3rd radius curve.
The back twelve pages are devoted to the Minic car system which could be connected with the railway to create an 'integrated transport system'.  Something we could do with today!



The original Freightliner wagon is joined this year by five new variants with 30ft and 20ft containers and the Freightliner Depot Crane.
The Blue Pullman set sports the new Grey/Blue livery and Flying Scotsman is now available in LNER as well as BR green.
Five locomotives from the former Hornby Dublo range, including the Castle, 8f and 4MT tank are included in the catalogue under the banner Triang Hornby by Wrenn
Another new model to make its first appearance this year was the R666 Cartic Car Carrier which included 16 MINIX cars.  Its number may have been a pointer for the future as today, this model can be a devil to find on the second hand market 



The new decade marked a change in format, from portrait to landscape
New this year was the streamlined Princess Coronation class loco and an expansion in the Triang Wrenn range including some wagons.
The new, more scale looking System 6 track appeared, but Super 4 remained available for the time being.


Big news this year is the announcement of the totally new Evening Star locomotive with its revolutionary tender drive unit. Also new is a 75 ton breakdown crane.
The Minic car system is no longer featured and the logo returns to its original design.



The final Triang Hornby catalogue includes many new liveries and a new Pannier Tank locomotive.  Silver plated wheels begin to appear on locomotives and rolling stock.
Liveries of the Big Four dominate the steam locomotive fleet.
System 6 track has now totally replaced Super 4



The end of Triang Hornby with the introduction of the Hornby Railways name now on the catalogue. 




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