Here are a few pictures of some of the items in my collection together with a few notes about their history.

R150S B12 No 61572, my very first locomotive, or rather one just like it.
My original loco was part of the RS.29 'Holiday Express Train Set', which included  two 'Crimson and Cream' MK1 coaches and an oval of Super 4 track.  According to its instruction leaflet, this mint, boxed example dates from 3rd January 1968.  It was purchased new, by friend Don Howbridge and came into my collection a couple of years ago, shortly before his untimely death.

Two different Blue R751 Class 37's:
The one behind is the standard BR Blue version while the other is in electric blue livery, both carry the same number, D6830 and the same headcode.  I believe that the electric blue version is quite rare, this is the only one I have ever seen.

R752 Battle Space Turbo Car
Powered by the fan at the rear, this is one of the original batch of 2500 with the plastic spike dating from 1967.  After concern expressed by parents, later batches were produced with a rubber spike.  This particular model was purchased in poor condition from a swap-meet, replacement decals and a bit of work has restored it to its former glory.  A big hit a exhibitions, many visitors have never seen anything like it.

R357 Brush Type 2 Diesel Locomotive
Almost everyone has had one of these at some time, a very popular model that has appeared in a variety of liveries.  The two models were produced during the Tri-ang/Hornby period

R307 N.S.W.R. Express Diesel Locomotive
Not strictly a product of the Triang/Hornby era, I have included a picture of this loco due to its scarcity.  Based on the popular and long running BR Brush type 2 locomotive (above), this particular model dates from 20th April 1976 and was intended for export to Australia.
In 1972, the old favorite 0-6-0 Jinty locomotive appeared in this fictitious livery as part of 'The Railway Children' train set.  Based on the film of the same name, the set also contained a couple of period coaches, an oval of System 6 track and a station.  The loco was not sold separately, they are quite rare, especially in this condition.  As far as I can tell, this particular loco has never been used, the wheels still have their blackened tyres in pristine condition 

R258NS 4-6-2 Princess Royal Class Loco 'Princess Elizabeth'
This loco dates from 1971 and is fitted with a Smoke Unit and the Exhaust Steam Sound Tender.  It was sold with three alternative names and numbers.  Models built after 1971 had the nickelled tyres.

R59S 2-6-2 Class 3MT Tank Locomotive
I can remember saving my pocket money up for many weeks to buy a 3MT, I looked after it for many years, before part exchanging it when I converted to 'N' gauge.  It was very fitting therefore that this model was one of the first items purchased when I started this collection.

R259S Class 7P6F Locomotive 'Britannia'
For many years, the 'Britannia' was the pride of the Triang/Hornby range, this particular model is a pre 1970 example, retailing for 4-6s-2d.  Later models had the sound tender and then nickelled tyres.  This is one of the locos I run on the collection layout at exhibitions, always a good runner, I have recently replaced the motor magnet with a super-neo magnet, much improving its performance

R355 0-4-0T 'NELLIE' and Friends
These are the more common versions of this popular little loco, they were first introduced in 1960 and various colour and name combinations can be found.  The photograph shows a Yellow 'CONNIE', a Blue 'NELLIE' and a Red 'POLLY'.  Further versions continued in production long into the Hornby Railways era, later models have nickel plated wheel tyres


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