After collecting many Triang Hornby items over the past couple of years, I decided I would build a layout to display the products at model railway exhibitions.  Most of the my collection has been purchased from either local swapmeets or eBay, the latter being a great place to find collectable model railway items.

The layout is designed to be transportable, and to keep weight to a minimum it is constructed from 6mm thick plywood and split into three baseboards, each measuring 1200mm x 1050mm.  The surface is covered with 3mm thick cork sheets with the Super 4 track sections pinned on the top. Where the track crosses a baseboard joint, I have soldiered a length of brass tube to outside of the rail on either side.  Once assembled, a brass bar is pushed through the two tubes, aligning the tracks and ensuring electrical continuity.  The front of the layout is designed to resemble a Triang Hornby window type box with the upper part incorporating three 600mm long fluorescent tubes to light the models.  When disassembled, the layout, together with its supporting trestles and rolling stock will fit into my Audi A6 estate for transportation.



All of the track is Super 4 with the points operated by x404 point motors.  To improve the operation of the layout, a modern control panel has been designed which incorporates CDU's for the point motors and KPC panel mounted and hand held controllers for the control of the trains.  The storage sidings at the back are hidden from view by a three tiered rack upon which a display of Triang Hornby rolling stock can be displayed.  A few of the Triang Hornby working features are currently installed, including the operating royal mail coach, turntable and giraffe car.


This page was last updated on 09-Nov-2005.