Rovex Rejects?

Check out his loco, notice anything unusual?  Move your cursor over the image for a clue.

This Tri-ang Hornby 'Flying Scotsman' was recently sent to me for service and repair.  After a while, I noticed there was something a little different about this particular example of this very popular model.  As can be seen from the images, the loco is in BR livery, numbered 60103, but its was supplied in the wrong box from new and is incorrectly fitted with the corridor tender that was supposed to be attached to the LNER liveried 4472 version of the same loco.

According to the Pat Hammond's excellent book, "The Story of Rovex, Volume 2 1965-1971":
 "For the LNER version, a different tool insert for the tender back end was used to produce the corridor tender.  Sometime in 1969, after a batch of tenders for the LNER version had been made, some BR tenders were required and these were made without changing the insert.  Consequently an unknown number of BR Scotsman's were issued with corridor tenders. "

This loco is obviously one of that batch.

This tender configuration was correctly paired with the former Hornby Dublo A4 MALLARD locomotive, later marketed under the Tri-ang Wrenn label, cat no 2211. 


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