Look out for our Tri-ang Hornby layout at the following Model Railway Exhibitions
If you are organising a model railway exhibition and would like us to exhibit our layout at your show, please find a few basic details below.
Overall Size (Baseboards): 10' 4" x 4' (3150mm x 1220mm)
Operating Area: 3' (900mm) Behind, 1' 6" (450mm on Both Sides)

Ideally, the layout should be protected by a suitable barrier (not chairs) approximately 450mm from the front of the baseboards

Transport Options
For local shows (usually within 50 miles of Retford, Nottinghamshire) the layout will fit inside our estate car.  We would tend to travel home at the end of each day so overnight accommodation should not be required.
The layout is Self Supporting and has its own Lighting
Number of Operators: 2 (self and spouse)


This page was last updated on 29-Mar-2010.